Nailing Your Tech Resume: A Guide to Standing Out

Get ready to give your tech resume a winning edge! This guide breaks down the essentials for creating a standout tech resume. From spotlighting your tech skills to tailoring your application for each job, we've got the insider tips you need.

Guide to technical resume writing

Hey there! If you’re diving into the tech world and need to whip up a resume that rocks, we’ve got you covered. Here’s how to make your resume stand out:

1. Keep It Simple and Straightforward

Tech folks love things clear and concise. Your resume should be easy to skim, with no fluff. Stick to bullet points for your skills and achievements, and keep your sentences snappy.

2. Flaunt Those Tech Skills

Your tech skills are your superpowers. Don’t just say you’re into programming; name the specific languages you’re good at, like Python or Java. The more specific, the better!

3. Show Off Your Projects

In tech, what you’ve built says a lot. Got some cool projects? Flaunt them! Add links to your GitHub, personal site, or any live demos you’ve got.

4. Numbers Make You Shine

Got some achievements? Quantify them! Saying “Boosted website speed by 30%” sounds way more impressive than just “improved website performance.” This can make your tech resume stand out. 

5. Your Work Experience Counts

List your jobs, but keep it relevant to tech. If you’re new to the game, any internships or even volunteer gigs where you flexed your tech muscles will help.

Need help making your non-tech jobs relevant? Use Hardly’s free resume builder to quickly edit job details to highlight tech-related skills. Suddenly, that retail job can focus on how you were detail oriented. 

6. Education and Certifications Matter Too

Talk about your highest education level, and if you’ve got tech-related certifications or courses, definitely include those. They show you’re constantly leveling up your skills.

7. Make It Job-Specific

One size doesn’t fit all. Tweak your tech resume for each job you apply for. Match it up with the job description to sneak past those pesky automated resume filters. Hardly’s free resume builder template is guaranteed to be ATS friendly and you can optimize your resume to a specific job description in seconds!

8. Show 'Em Who You Are

Add a personal touch with a brief professional summary at the top of your tech resume. It’s like your own mini-ad for why you’re awesome for the job.

9. Use Handy Online Tools

There’s a bunch of online resume builders and templates out there, especially for tech resumes. They can save you a ton of time and make sure your resume looks slick. Interested in trying one out? Conveniently, we have an awesome one: Check out Hardly’s free resume builder.

Remember, your resume is just the starting point. It’s your foot in the door, but you gotta back it up with solid skills and a great chat in the interview. Keep updating your resume as you level up your skills, and always give it that special touch for each job you’re after. You’ve got this! 🚀


If you want a way to shortcut your resume to success, use Hardly’s free resume builder. In a few minutes, you’ll have a show-stopping resume that is ready for any ATS. You can also check out our recent article on resume writing tips here

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