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Working hard or Hardly working?

Want some career guidance but not ready to lay down $200+ for a professional coach? Hardly is the perfect in-between. Whether you are 18 or 35, we have what you need to power-through the rough spots and excel in the great moments.

See how Hardly helps:

Start Your Path with Hardly

Start Your Path

Take the a quiz to define your personal and work values. After, you’ll view your workstyle and motivation profile.

Take an “interest” quiz and define the amount of job preparation you are willing to do. Hardly recommends career path

Decide Your Destination

Your workstyle profile suggests types of work environments where you will naturally thrive.

Learn how to construct your career vision with our interactive quiz. Coming soon: Kick-start your career vision from a template.

Break down your career vision into milestones, which are then broken down into weekly actions. Keep track of your progress on your Hardly dashboard. 

Hardly, Decide Your Career Destination
Hardly, Move forward

Move Forward

  • Build your accountability team— people that care about your career. Coming soon: As you progress through your milestones towards your career vision, they’ll receive automatic updates.
  • In the Hardly community, you can connect with others that share your workstyle. Our community is temporarily hosted on Discord, where we have career coaches ready to answer your questions. If you need additional help, you can pay for 1:1 career coaching. 
Free for Individuals

Hardly is free for professionals & students

If you want to spend dough, go buy yourself a new powersuit instead. All our tools are free.

Hardly helps career coaches connect with potential clients

Career Coach

Allison Braund-Harris

Chief Executive Officer

Why I Hardly Work:

Hardly was born out of many years of struggle at the beginning of my career. While searching for my own career answers, I fell in love with organizational behavior classes at Carnegie Mellon. Hardly will be a consistent guidepost for many in their career. Professionals deserve one place that is just for them— an objective place. That is what I wish I had and I hope that we can be for others.
Allison's Linkedin

Roger Harris

Chief Operating Officer

Why I Hardly Work:

It's not uncommon for people to question whether they've made the right career decision. I changed my major multiple times until I settled on programming, and even then I didn't realize that my real passion was working with and helping people. Having moved from programmer to technical manager, I know that was the right move for me. I want to help early-career professionals find the right career that will motivate them.
Roger's Linkedin


Dr Oliver Hahl, Hardly

Dr. Oliver Hahl

Carnegie Mellon University

Associate Professor of Organizational Theory, Strategy, and Entrepreneurship
Elan LaLonde _ Hardly

Elan LaLonde

Berkeley Executive Coaching Institute

Coach with 40+ years of experience
Advisor_Tammy Hardly

Tammy Szijarto 

Project ScaleUp

Computer Engineer, MBA, Entrepreneur, & Accredited Investor

Craig Markovitz

Carnegie Mellon University

Entrepreneur in Residence and Assistant Teaching Professor of Entrepreneurship

Hardly is Your Career Superpower

No, we can’t give you laser vision, but we can help you predict your future and help you get there. 🤯


Find out how your personal values affect your actions, and use it to your advantage.

After a quick assessment, we match you to your Hardly Club. There, you’ll find others that view work and success similarly. 

If you are serious about your goals, tag friends to view them and encourage you along the way.

Did you know self-understanding is linked to understanding others? We teach you how to identify others’ motivations so you can better collaborate.

Our goal is to help you make the best of your current job, but sometimes you have to make a switch. We help you find the best place for you.

Career Superpowers

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