You don't fit on a resume

So why does your resume still determine whether you get an interview? It shouldn’t. Hardly is fixing that.

Get ready for a revolution in hiring.

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Hardly: the first revolution in hiring since 1653.

That’s right… hiring hasn’t changed since 1653 when the first recruiting agency was founded. We’ve been laboring under the attract-select hiring model until now. Websites like and just digitized a centuries-old practice. 

Hiring is painful and overwhelming— for both the hirers and the candidates. Now, the world doesn’t need another job search tool! It needs a job curation tool that puts knowledge into the hands of the professional and speeds up time-to-hire for businesses. 

Intelligent Matching

Intelligent Job Matching

Sorts, Rather than Selects

reduce hiring bias

Reduces Hiring Bias

Speeds up Time-to-Hire

Using 35 years of psychological research,

Hardly helps professionals navigate their careers.

Using 35 years of psychological research,

Hardly helps businesses hire faster, better, and with less bias.

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Allison Braund-Harris

Chief Executive Officer

Why I Hardly Work:

I firmly believe that when people seek to understand their own motivations and strengths, it leads to empathy for others. I fell in love with organizational behavior classes while getting my MBA at Carnegie Mellon. Hardly was born out of my many years of experience recruiting respondents for focus groups and my love for psychology. My hope is that Hardly will be a catalyst for change within the workforce, and that we can simultaneously remove bias within the hiring process.
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Roger Harris

Chief Operating Officer

Why I Hardly Work:

Teams need to be able to work together and compliment each other’s differences. From the bands I played in, to my programming teams, and the project teams and student government in the MBA, I’ve been a part of many diverse and varied groups. I’ve seen what works and what doesn’t, and hope to help improve companies productivity within their teams. Hardly will revolutionize the hiring process by finding candidates the team of their dreams in the most un-biased way possible.
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Dr Oliver Hahl, Hardly

Dr. Oliver Hahl

Carnegie Mellon University

Associate Professor of Organizational Theory, Strategy, and Entrepreneurship
Pradeep UN, Hardly

Pradeep U.N.


Director and Founder of Truths & Insights
Advisor_Tammy Hardly

Tammy Szijarto 

Project ScaleUp

Computer Engineer, MBA, Entrepreneur, & Accredited Investor

Craig Markovitz

Carnegie Mellon University

Entrepreneur in Residence and Assistant Teaching Professor of Entrepreneurship

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Hardly is a team dynamics platform that matches people with teams/companies based on both skill and culture fit.