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Increase Resume Effectiveness

  • • Comment & collaborate with clients directly in the resume builder
  • • Syncs resume to a job description
  • • Auto-generate relevant skills for a job title
  • Fixes grammatical errors or confusing speech
  • Refocuses resume on specific skills
  • Hardly template is guaranteed to be ATS friendly


Resume Builder

Keep Applications Organized & Track Progress


  • • Track statuses of all applications
  • • View statistics and progress
  • • Collect key contacts for each resume
  • • Easily track which resume versions are working well and use them for reference before interviews.
  • • Set reminders for when to follow up with key contacts

Easily Locate & Send Important Documents

  • • Customize library items to your organization
  • • Can contain pdfs, links to articles, & videos
  • • Easily send clients to-do items that include library resources
  • Tags can be added to make the library easily searchable. For example, an "interview tips" tag can help clients find items applicable to interviewing

Schedule & Host Virtual or In-Person Events/Appointments


  • • Connect your Calendly account to easily schedule events/appointments on Zoom, Hardly, or in-person. 
  • • Host workshops, 1-on-1s, or meetings with coworkers
  • • Google Calendar invites are sent automatically containing the link or location
  • • Events are listed on your Hardly dashboard


Consolidate client communcation on Hardly

  • • Message groups or individual clients on Hardly
  • • Clients receive an email notification when a new message is received and daily email reminders when they have not read the message
  • • Messages can include links to resource library items


Easily access client assessments and assessment results 

  • • Clients have easy access to a workstyle assessment and an interest profiler.
  • • Add ANY custom assessment results across the web to Hardly, so you clients can keep them all in one place.
  • • Our assessments are connected to the O*Net Database to ensure up-to-date information about career paths
  • In the next few months, we're rolling out an AI Cover Letter Writer & something extra helpful with our assessments (book a meeting with us to hear our secret!)


Other features are available & new tools are planned!

  • • Our AI Career Assistant can answer questions around finding jobs, interviewing, and general career paths
  • • In the next few months, an AI Cover Letter Writer will be launched


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"This is a game changer for anyone on the job hunt!"

“Hardly takes the guesswork out of resume building. They have built in best practices to ensure that everything is ATS friendly while also making it simple to utilize AI in a way that helps you to customize your resume quickly for each job. This is a game changer for anyone on the job hunt! I would be remiss not to mention that everyone at Hardly has been wonderful to work with. They have a broad array of experience and can provide a wide range of professional development support through the various features of the platform.”
Diana Avart
Gizmology Apprenticeship Program

Our Founders

Allison Braund-Harris

Chief Executive Officer

Why I Hardly Work:

Hardly was born out of many years of struggle at the beginning of my career. While searching for my own career answers, I fell in love with organizational behavior classes at Carnegie Mellon. Hardly will be a consistent guidepost for many in their career. Professionals deserve one place that is just for them— an objective place. That is what I wish I had and I hope that we can be for others.
Allison's Linkedin

Roger Harris

Chief Operating Officer

Why I Hardly Work:

It's not uncommon for people to question whether they've made the right career decision. I changed my major multiple times until I settled on programming, and even then I didn't realize that my real passion was working with and helping people. Having moved from programmer to technical manager, I know that was the right move for me. I want to help early-career professionals find the right career that will motivate them.
Roger's Linkedin

Hardly is a member of:

Pennsylvania Workforce Development Association
NCDA Organizational Member

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