supercharge your coaching business

Flexibility and Simplicity

Hardly’s free tools attract subscribers from ages 21-65 (avg age: 31)

Set your preferences for your schedule and specific coaching topics

Sign up to coach lightning sessions, small groups, workshops, and 1:1 coaching

Hardly matches you to members interested in coaching

Accumulate revenue and track your coaching growth over time

Hardly helps your coaching business run smoothly

Keep track of client progress, send exercises, and take notes— all in one place

Centralize client communication with Hardly’s integrated video chat & messenger

Stay on top of your schedule by connecting Hardly with your Google Calendar and Calendly

Never worry about collecting fees or legal paperwork from clients

Coaches love Hardly

Elan LaLonde, Executive Coach

Elan LaLonde

Coach on Hardly since June 2022

Summersalt Tools Career Coaching

Grow your brand and access endless tools

Our library contains coach-created videos, exercises, and other educational materials that you can share with clients in a few clicks. When you upload something to the library your name is on it forever, so when other coaches share your content with Hardly members, you get more exposure to potential clients.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have additional questions, feel free to reach out to our team via the Hardly messenger. Don’t have an account yet? Make one here.

What are the requirements for being a Hardly Coach?

Hardly evaluates each applicant by certifications, education, and experience. We value coaches that have diverse experience across 1:1 coaching, group coaching, and workshop facilitation, as well as coaches that enjoy developing content to support education and career growth.

Can I work for other coaching websites while working with Hardly?

Yes, we allow all of our coaches to work with other websites. However, coaches are not allowed to promote competitive websites.

When do coaches get paid?

Currently, we pay coaches every two weeks if they have accumulated revenue in their account from meetings. After you have a session or a workshop, revenue will show up on your coach dashboard.

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