How a Job Application Tracker Can Speed Up Your Job Hunt

A job application tracker keeps you focused, boosts accountability, enhances motivation, and expands your networking opportunities.

Job Application Tracker

Did you know you can get a job faster by using a job application tracker? A job application tracker keeps all your job search information in one place. You’ll easily track who you contacted, what positions you applied for, where you applied, when you applied, and how you did it. With Hardly’s job application tracker, you can even connect specific resumes to applications and track which resumes are performing best for you.

A job application tracker can help you maintain focus

Maintain Your Focus

A job application tracker helps you see the next steps and reminds you when to take them. All your reminders are centralized, keeping you on track.
A job application tracker can help you stay motivated

Enhance Your Motivation

A lack of results can be demotivating. A job application tracker provides the data to adjust your approach for better outcomes, similar to tracking progress in diet and exercise plans.

A job application tracker can help you network

Expand Your Networking

Networking is crucial in job searching. A job application tracker highlights your points of contact for each application, helping you leverage connections. With 80% of jobs filled through networking and 70% of positions never posted publicly, expanding your network is key. Trackers help you remember referrals and connections that might lead to more opportunities aligned with your skills and career goals.

A job application tracker can help you stay on track

Boost Your Accountability

Keeping track of your actions makes it easier to follow through on your search steps. Instead of feeling overwhelmed, accountability encourages you by highlighting the steps you are taking. In a job application tracker, you’ll see progress, like applying to ten jobs in a week or emailing two contacts. These small steps add up to significant changes over time.

Application trackers are invaluable tools for job seekers, offering several key benefits that streamline the search process. They centralize all information, making it easy to track who you contacted, what positions you applied for, where and when you applied, and how you approached each application. They help maintain focus by providing a clear view of your application’s status, the next steps, and reminders, ensuring you never miss a follow-up. Tracking your actions encourages consistency and highlights the progress you’re making, which can be especially motivating during a potentially overwhelming job search. Overall, job application trackers are essential for a structured, focused, and proactive job search strategy.

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