We Are Hardly

We are a team spanning 8 time zones, dedicated to creative solutions to improve productivity and wellbeing while working from home.

The Team:

Allison Braund-Harris

Chief Executive Officer

Places Lived:
Alabama, Tennessee, New York, Texas
Why I love remote work:

I get to spend MORE time with my husband & cats, and LESS time shoved into stranger’s armpits on the subway.

As a person who has traveled for work and worked remotely very often before 2020, I know the struggles that people face with remote work. It’s not all perfect— but if we adopt new tools and habits we can get damn close.

I have 6 years experience in the NYC branding industry, an MBA from Carnegie Mellon, a Masters in Branding from the School of Visual Arts, and a BFA in Graphic Design from Auburn. I love listening to people and problem solving, and I believe that remote work is a huge opportunity for efficiencies in business. We just need to take advantage of the tech at our fingertips.

Roger Harris

Chief Technology Officer

Places Lived:
Louisiana, Texas, Colorado, Alabama, New York
Why I love remote work:

With the tools and technologies available today, I’m able to interface with both fellows employees and clients in ways never thought possible before. While there is still much room for improvement, the fact that I can communicate with teammates effectively, have fun trivia nights, and lead players to victory as the Dungeon Master from across the country is amazing. I also love being able to spend more time with family (and cats) and having more flexibility in my work schedule.

I am a software engineer with 7 years experience building web applications for a variety of different clients, big and small. I have an MBA from Carnegie Mellon and a BS in Computer Science from Auburn. I enjoy taking problems and turning them into solutions, both from a high-level as well as getting my hands dirty with the code. I look forward to improving remote work life for everyone.

Leigh Hall

Content Creator

Places Lived:
Maryland, Maine, China, Washington, D.C., Virginia, Japan
Why I love remote work:

I love not being chained to a desk and getting my best work done on my schedule rather than someone else’s. As a person who is uber-productive in spurts, I enjoy the freedom to take frequent chai latte breaks and not feel the pressure of having to look like I am working all day.  Lastly, working from home allows me the flexibility to attend graduate school while still earning an income so I can continue to afford life’s little luxuries.

I have three years of experience in market research, a bachelor’s in sociology from Bowdoin College, and am currently completing a Master’s in Clinical Social Work at Catholic University in hopes of becoming a marriage counselor.  I am hugely passionate about mental health and believe living a robust life outside of work is imperative to keeping our sanity. I love that remote work allows me to have time for my hobbies like playing tennis, cooking worldly cuisine, and watercolor painting. 

Elizabeth Deal

Heart of House

Places Lived:
Illinois, Alabama, Tennessee
Why I love remote work:

I am thankful for remote work. While I want to be a hands-on mom, I also want a career. Remote work allows me the freedom to have the best of both worlds. I can have my career while also being there for my children, attending ball games and taking them to and from school.

During my 13 years of writing, I have been able to venture out into various avenues, such as health-care writing, technical writing, and social media—just to name a few. I am a complete homebody, but I do enjoy bringing my “office” to the local Starbucks or a park. Disney is my happy place, and I have been known to bring my computer with me while on vacation. There is nothing like writing with Cinderella’s castle in the background!

Emily Sykes

Graphic Design Intern

Places Lived:
Why I love remote work:

As a creative individual, remote work gives me the freedom to work in my own way, in a space that’s suited to me. The ability to work when creativity strikes is hugely advantageous for me and helps me feel confident in what I’m creating. I’m also definitely a homebody, so being able to collaborate and socialize virtually while staying home (with my cats) is the best of both worlds for me!

I’m currently a senior in Auburn University’s graphic design program with a passion for creating projects that help people communicate, connect, and learn new things. I love using design to bring people together, and really appreciate that remote work gives me the opportunity to do just that.